Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ella's 1st Grade Zoo Trip

So I volunteered to chaperone Ella's zoo trip……typically this trip is the hard one to get, so I figured when the teacher sent home a note with Ella that I had better sign up!!  First field trip ever as a chaperone, so I wasn't sure what to expect……but I had a lot of fun.  And the two other kids in my group were very well behaved, which obviously made the trip go smoothly!!

Ella and I were trying to get a selfie on the bus……Owen kept photo bombing us!!  ;}

Finally got one!!

Here's my crew…...

Silly kids!!

Then we found the teachers being eaten by a shark!!  Yikes!!

All Aboard…..

The catfish kind of creep me out……there are just SO many…...

Brushing the goats.

We had to make a second trip to the Giraffes since they weren't out the first time around.  They were out the second time around……but not close enough to feed/pet.

Ella on the drums!!

Love this girl…….had a lot of fun!! And a perfect day for the zoo.  Not too hot, not too cold!!

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