Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ella's 1st Grade Zoo Trip

So I volunteered to chaperone Ella's zoo trip……typically this trip is the hard one to get, so I figured when the teacher sent home a note with Ella that I had better sign up!!  First field trip ever as a chaperone, so I wasn't sure what to expect……but I had a lot of fun.  And the two other kids in my group were very well behaved, which obviously made the trip go smoothly!!

Ella and I were trying to get a selfie on the bus……Owen kept photo bombing us!!  ;}

Finally got one!!

Here's my crew…...

Silly kids!!

Then we found the teachers being eaten by a shark!!  Yikes!!

All Aboard…..

The catfish kind of creep me out……there are just SO many…...

Brushing the goats.

We had to make a second trip to the Giraffes since they weren't out the first time around.  They were out the second time around……but not close enough to feed/pet.

Ella on the drums!!

Love this girl…….had a lot of fun!! And a perfect day for the zoo.  Not too hot, not too cold!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Program(s)!!

We lucked out this year and the kids had their spring programs together!!  1st and 2nd grades performed 'Let's Go To The Movies'…..and they did a fantastic job!!  Evan had a solo singing part and 'nailed it'!!  It was fun and short and sweet!!  Great Job Kids!!

They even ended up standing 1 kid apart from each other!!

Oh Ella…..hahaha

Evan getting ready for his part!

Great Job Buddy!!

After the show we grabbed a few more pictures…..

Or at least tried…..

Easter 2015

Our Easter Bunny typically brings very practical 'spring things'……swim suits, goggles, swim toys, flip flops, etc.  Awesome Easter Bunny!!  This year that Bunny decided to throw in a pop-shot!!  The kids love it……well, if Ella can put down Thor long enough to shoot, she loves it!!  ;}

At my mom and dads……it's a mad dash for candy!!  Even though there is TONS of it to go around!!

Quick family shot……with our new Thor of course!!

Then my dad busts out the silly spray……can't go wrong with silly spray!!

At Joe's mom and dads…..our 2 are the oldest, so the 'mad dash' isn't so mad…..but intense none-the-less!!  ;}

There's still a lot of hustle…….

Then I guess it's easier to open your eggs upside down…..not sure about this girl!!

But Love her anyway!!

Love this guy too!!